Monday, 12 March 2012


3D Work
  • The Astrogeologist, and her Steed, Missy.
  • Helianthus, and her Penrose-tiled floor.
  • "Trio Animato"
  • The Disco Lion (Game Model) 
Hand Drawn
  • 2D Walk Cycles
  • Character Studies and Design
  • Life drawing
  • Graphite art
  • Character portrait  
  • Sediment chemistry model
  • Boulderbeast
  • Sudoku solver
Comic Art
  • "On the Great Mystery of Rocks and Boxes"
  • "Mathematikoi"

3D Work:

"The Astrogeologist and Her Steed, Missy" - 2013 Rigging reel (Softimage)

"Helianthus, and Her Penrose-Tiled Floor" - 2013 fall reel (Blender)

"Trio Animato" - visuals in Blender, sound in Audacity.

"Disco Lion" - character for unity game engine

Hand Drawn:

"The Astrogeologist"


 "The Galactic Academy of Mathematics"


Mathematikoi - Character designs and studies

Life Drawing (3 min left and bottom, 5 min on right):

Life drawing (2 min on left, 5 min on right):


Sediment chemistry simulations:
For my master's degree, I developed and ran sediment chemistry simulations, in FORTRAN.  Post processing was done in MATLAB.  These simulations required solving differential equations by using a variety of techniques (Euler-forward, implicit, and Runge-Kutta).  Model-data fits were optimized using evolutionary algorithms.

The "Boulderbeast" - (script for the OHRRPGCE, a 2D sprite engine)
I scripted a means of positioning 2D sprites in a 3D space.  This involved programming a means of storing and manipulating a 3D skeleton.

Note that near the end of the video, I enabled a dynamic spring simulation which I coded.

Sudoku Solver, C++:

Comic Art

"On the Great Mystery of Rocks and Boxes", pages 13-16:

"Mathematikoi", preliminary draft: